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I Can Make That

A few days ago I was going through the internet trying to find a perfect gift for my friend. There were a lot of kawaii stuff but not one that I knew would be compatible with her. I wanted to find a gift that she could use everyday. I searched for “crochet projects for music lovers” but most of them were scarves, blankets and random instrument appliqués. I live in a tropical country so wearing a scarf is a big no no unless you wish to loose weight, die of heat stroke or want to be a fashionista with a taste of pain and humiliation then go ahead.

Anyways, I saw this cute mammal on google image and on pins. It’s a earphone holder and perfect for your music lover friends or for yourself. It’ll make sure your earphone is knot free. Don’t you just hate it when you pocket your earphones and then when you take it out it’s all jumbled up?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free pattern and ready made stuff are sold on etsy. And because I’m always broke, I decided to try it out on my own.

Here is my version:

It was just random crocheting, but I’ll try to post a pattern soon.

Have a nice day!

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